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CalRecycle Tire Incentive Program. Due 8/4/2023. $3.2M Available.

Opportunity Title:

Tire Incentive Program


The Tire Incentive Program (TIP) provides a reimbursement (as an incentive payment program) to eligible businesses that use (recycled) crumb rubber in eligible products or substitute crumb rubber for virgin rubber, plastic, or other raw materials in products. The program’s goal is to increase demand for crumb rubber and promote higher value products.


• Manufacturers that produce (or will produce) an eligible product.• Waste tire processors that also manufacture an eligible product.• Manufacturers of devulcanized rubber.• Rubber compounders.• Manufacturers of calendered rubber sheeting products.• Manufacturers that produce products on a contract basis for other companies provided they have that other company’s written permission to produce an eligible product and receive the incentive.

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:


Application Deadline:

August 4, 2023

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