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CEC announces plan to release Food Production Investment Program in November.

Opportunity Title:

Food Production Investment Program


The goals of the solicitation are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate the adoption of low-carbon technologies, and benefit disadvantaged and low-income communities. The solicitation will fund Tier I projects to install commercially available, energy-efficient equipment upgrades as drop-in replacements or additions to current systems, processes, and existing equipment only. For more information on eligible technologies and other program requirements, please refer to the previous FPIP solicitation manual.


Applicants to the FPIP are limited to food processing facilities located in California. The applicant must own or operate one or more food processing facilities which is the site where the installation of grant-funded equipment will occur. For the purpose of the FPIP, food processing facilities are those defined by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes 311 (Food Manufacturing) and 3121 (Beverage Manufacturing). To be eligible for funding, projects must meet all the following minimum requirements:

a. Applicant must be a food processing facility located in California;

b. Proposed projects must reduce GHG emissions as defined in the grant solicitation; and

c. Applicant must meet all eligibility and other criteria specified in this solicitation.

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