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Coming Soon - CA Air Resources Board: Development of a Research Roadmap Through Community Engagement

Opportunity Title:

Development of a Research Roadmap Through Community Engagement - Focus on Toxics


Despite achieving large reductions in air pollutant concentrations state-wide, various communities throughout the state experience larger than average exposures to pollutants. Toxic emissions from industrial point sources are a concern that continue to be highlighted by community advocates. In an effort to leverage community expertise and center community voices, this project aims to co-create a research roadmap centered on toxic pollutant emissions from industrial sources. The objective of this research is to fund a community engagement project for communities interested in setting research priorities related to identifying sources, understanding health impacts, and developing exposure mitigation strategies. The project lead will gather all available information and data on toxic emission sources, exposure, and mitigation from the academic literature, government documents, and information already gathered from communities in past public meetings and engagement processes. The project lead will also partner with community representatives and relevant community organizations to identify community priorities and design a future research framework. The results of this study will provide a comprehensive evaluation of known emissions sources, processes, and air quality related health issues, as well as a research plan co-created with the community. This engagement will help CARB develop better projects around sources of concern. The engagement may focus on specific communities, but the research roadmap will be applicable to a wide range of communities affected by similar point sources.

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Application Deadline:

To be announced.

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