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Coming Soon: CA Strategic Growth Council - Development of Community Resilience Centers Program.

Opportunity Title:

Development of Community Resilience Centers (CRC) Program


The historic 2021-2022 State Climate Budget package, which provided over $15 billion to tackle wildfire and drought challenges, build more resilient communities, promote sustainable agriculture, and advance a nation-leading climate agenda, includes $100M to SGC over two years for a new Community Resilience Centers (CRC) program.

SGC’s CRC program will fund new construction and upgrades of neighborhood-level resilience centers to provide shelter and resources during climate and other emergencies, such as extreme heat events and poor air quality days. The program will also fund year-round services and ongoing community amenities and programming, such as food distribution and workforce development training, that build overall community resilience. SGC will prioritize community-serving locations across the state, such as schools, libraries, community centers, health clinics, and places of worship.

SGC’s CRC program will fund both planning and implementation activities. $25 million will be available in Round 1 of the program, and $75 million will be available in Round 2. Staff anticipates releasing the Round 1 Notice of Funding Availability and application in early 2023.

SGC plans to release draft program guidelines in September 2022 for a 30-day public comment period. Once released, SGC will host a series of public workshops to provide opportunities to review and comment on the proposed program structure.

Webinar Information:

Please join the CRC Program Kickoff Webinar on Friday, July 15, 9-10am. This kickoff webinar will be recorded and publicly posted on the SGC website. Staff will then launch listening sessions to inform program development. These sessions will focus on hearing from diverse communities across the state on eligible applicants, eligible costs and activities, and other program requirements for inclusion in upcoming draft guidelines.

Registration for the webinar and listening sessions can be found below:

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