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DARPA - Assured Neuro Symbolic Learning and Reasoning. Due 7/26/22.

Opportunity Title:

Assured Neuro Symbolic Learning and Reasoning (ANSR)

Opportunity Number:



The overarching goal of the ANSR program is to advance hybrid AI algorithms, and develop evidence-based techniques that support confident assurance judgments for these algorithms. The program intends to explore diverse hybrid architectures that can be seeded with prior knowledge, acquire both statistical and symbolic knowledge through learning, and adapt learned representations. The program intends to demonstrate and evaluate hybrid AI techniques through DoD mission relevant use-cases where assurance and autonomy are mission critical.


All responsible sources capable of satisfying the Government's needs may submit a proposal that shall be considered by DARPA.

Award Details:

Multiple awards are anticipated. The amount of resources made available under this BAA will depend on the quality of the proposals received and the availability of funds. The Government reserves the right to select for negotiation all, some, one, or none of the proposals received in response to this solicitation and to make awards without discussions with proposers. The Government also reserves the right to conduct discussions if it is later determined to be necessary. Additionally, DARPA reserves the right to accept proposals in their entirety or to select only portions of proposals for award. In the event that DARPA desires to award only portions of a proposal, negotiations may be opened with that proposer. The Government reserves the right to fund proposals in phases with options for continued work, as applicable.

Application Deadline:

July 26, 2022

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