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DOE Energy Future Grants (EFG) Creating a Community-Led Energy Future. Due 9/30

Opportunity Title:

Energy Future Grants (EFG) Creating a Community-Led Energy Future

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The Energy Future Grants (EFG) provides $27 million in financial assistance to support local, state, and tribal government-led partnership efforts that will advance clean energy program innovation. EFG seeks to enhance energy affordable and access for communities, ensuring the broad benefits of a clean energy economy—including heath, economic development and jobs and emissions reductions—flow to disadvantaged communities.

EFG will provide support for at least 50 multi jurisdictional teams. Teams should be ideally comprised of 3-4 or more state, local, and/or tribal government partners joining together on a planning project. Multi-jurisdictional teams (e.g. cities and state, tribes and cities, states, cities and tribes, etc.) are encouraged to also partner with community benefit organizations. Additional partners can including academia, think tanks and/or utilities positioned to turn innovative (novel or early action) ideas into solutions that address barriers to clean energy deployment. EFG plans will provide direction for ensuring measurable benefits reach communities and support Justice 40, which directs 40% of the overall benefits of certain federal investments to flow to disadvantaged communities.

EFG project can including innovative planning efforts in the power, transportation, and/or building sectors. A successful project will have equitable program innovation and seek to leverage DOE and other resources to speed and scale deployment of best practices by region or nationwide.


City or township governments, State governments, Native American, tribal governments (Federally recognized), County governments

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

September 30, 2023

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