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NYSERDA Commercial & Industrial Carbon Challenge 2024 – Due 07/31

Opportunity Title:

Commercial & Industrial Carbon Challenge 2024



Opportunity Number:

RFP 4120


The Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Carbon Challenge program provides grant funding for single projects or project portfolios that reduce carbon emissions for large commercial and industrial customers or emission reduction solutions providers serving commercial and industrial customers.

All project portfolios must include at least one of the following measure types:

  • beneficial electrification

  • carbon capture

  • utilization and storage

  • low-carbon fuel utilization

  • industrial process emission reduction. 

Portfolios can also include energy efficiency or process efficiency measures, on-site generation, battery storage, or other proven efficiency or renewable energy technologies.


• Projects must save a minimum of 25,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent

• Work conducted prior to the execution of an Agreement between NYSERDA and the

applicant is not eligible for cost-reimbursement;

• New construction and expansion projects are not eligible for this program; and

• Projects must be performed on systems with a remaining useful life of at least six years.


• Colleges and Universities

• Food and Beverage Processing

• Health Care Facilities

• Manufacturing

• Mining and Extraction

• Municipal Facilities

• Not-For-Profit and Private Institutions

• Office Buildings

• Public and Private K-12 Schools

• Retail

• State and Local Governments

• Warehouse and Distribution Facilities

• Wastewater Treatment Plants

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:



Applications Due July 31, 2024

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