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DOE Marine Energy University Foundational R&D Program – Due 04/22/24

Opportunity Title:

Marine Energy University Foundational R&D


Department of Energy (DOE), Golden Field Office

Opportunity Number:



This FOA supports foundational research at domestic institutions of higher education, including Minority Serving Institutions (MSI), to address challenges faced by marine energy industries and spur innovation and development. Universities offer an array of exceptional capabilities and resources that create a rich ecosystem for high-level research combining intellectual capital, advanced infrastructure, a commitment to knowledge creation and dissemination, and a training ground for the next generation of scientists and scholars.

This FOA will provide funding for foundational R&D activities to advance marine energy and offshore wind technologies, enabling broader utilization of ocean renewable energy sources through the following topic areas:

  1. Publicly Available Marine Energy Data Analysis & Test Platform(s) to Produce Publicly Available Data

  2. Sustainable & Scalable Offshore Wind, Marine Energy, and Aquaculture

  3. Undergraduate Senior Design and/or Research Project

  4. Open Topic Area


  • Private Institutions of Higher Education

  • Public and State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



Maximum Award:



Minimum Award:



Applications Due April 22, 2024



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