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DOE Storage Innovations 2030: Technology Liftoff. Concept Papers due 9/15.

Opportunity Title:

Storage Innovations 2030: Technology Liftoff

Opportunity Number:



The Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory, on behalf of the Office of Electricity is releasing Storage Innovations 2030 Technology Liftoff. SI Liftoff will build upon the strategic efforts initiated in the other three pillars of SI 2030 Framework, Prize, and Flight Paths, by fostering diverse partnerships of companies to pursue pre-competitive research and development projects. Entities will be awarded up to $5 million for projects that (a) create research partnership to bring together two or more technology stakeholders, and (b) partner with a research institution to solve one or more pre-competitive R&D technical challenge. Projects must enable a long-duration capable energy storage technology with a pathway to $0.05/ kWh Levelized Cost of Storage by 2030.



Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

Concept Papers due September 15, 2023

Full Applications due December 4, 2023

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