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F-gas Reduction Incentive Program Solicitation Period in Effect August 7, 2020

CARB is accepting applications for the F-gas Reduction Incentive Program (FRIP) from August 7 to October 7, 2020.

Applicants to the FRIP are limited to existing or new retail food facilities located in California that meet certain criteria. The FRIP program materials, which includes the Guidelines and Solicitation Manual (also referred to as "Guidelines") and attachments to the Guidelines include all the information that is necessary for applicants to submit an application and be considered for FRIP funding. Please visit the FRIP website to access the final program materials.

Applicants must meet all the following requirements:

1. Applicant must own or operate an existing, newly constructed, or completely remodeled retail food facility that is the site for the proposed project and that is (for existing or remodeled facilities) or will be (for newly constructed facilities) registered under the Refrigerant Management Program (RMP). At existing facilities, refrigeration systems that contain more than 50 pounds of refrigerant are eligible for funding. In the case of a newly constructed facility or completely remodeled facility, the refrigeration system at the project site must contain or will contain greater than 50 pounds of refrigerant. 5

2. The site of the proposed project must be a retail food facility that is categorized under the following North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes: 445110, 452910 or 452112. 3. The proposed project must reduce GHG emissions through the use of a refrigeration system that contains a lower-GWP or ultra-low-GWP6 refrigerant as defined in these Guidelines. In addition, the proposed project may also reduce GHG emissions through the use of an energy efficient refrigeration system, as defined in these Guidelines. 2.2 Funding Amounts Available and Eligible Technologies Funding for the FRIP will be awarded through a competitive grant solicitation process as described in these Guidelines. Total available funding for the FRIP is $1,000,000. The maximum amount that may be requested for a FRIP project under this solicitation is identified in Table 3.

All funds must be encumbered (i.e. the funds must be awarded and the grantee and CARB must enter into a grant agreement) by CARB at the latest by June 30, 2021 and must be liquidated (i.e. spent) at least three months prior to the liquidation deadline of June 30, 2025 at the very latest. A two-tiered approach will be used to allocate awards as indicated in Table 3, depending on the technology of the proposed refrigeration system.

Applications must be submitted in their entirety to by October 7, 2020.

Potential applicants may submit questions about the program materials to the FRIP Team at by August 26, 2020. This will be the last opportunity for potential applications to ask questions. The FRIP Team will not respond to questions individually. Depending on the number of questions received, the FRIP Team will either conduct a webinar or publish a questions and answers document on the FRIP website no later than September 10, 2020, responding to questions received for the benefit of all potential applicants.

Applicants are responsible for preparing applications based on the requirements in the FINAL program materials. The draft program materials have been revised based on stakeholder feedback.

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