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Forest Biofuels Program - Feedstock Supply Plan Workshop - 5/25/23

The Department of Conservation, in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service and Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, is excited extend an invitation to our virtual Feedstock Supply Plan Workshop on Thursday, May 25 from 1:30 to 3:30pm PDT.

Workshop summary: As project bioenergy and biofuels production facility developers and proponents consider siting facilities, a key consideration should be a sustainable feedstock supply. Project investors (e.g., equity partners, angel investors, banks, and the state and federal governments) are keenly interested in having access to a detailed strategic plan to procure woody biomass feedstocks over the service life of the planned facility: a well thought-out feedstock procurement plan is key. The Department of Conservation is pleased to be able to offer two hours of interactive presentation and conversation on the topic of preparing a feedstock supply plan for your wood utilization facility. Topics discussed will include: feedstock specifications, agreements, seasonality, and risk management, as well as how to go about incorporating biomass from federally-managed lands into your procurement plan. Presenters include Tad Mason (TSS Consultants), Helena Murray and Brad Seaburg (USFS), and Michael Maguire (Governor’s Office of Planning and Research).

For more information, view the workshop agenda here.

This workshop is open to everyone interested.

Date/Time: Thursday, May 25, 1:30-3:30pm PDT

Register in advance via Zoom:

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