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NSF Confronting Hazards, Impacts and Risks for a Resilient Planet (CHIRRP) Program - Due 06/06/24

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Confronting Hazards, Impacts and Risks for a Resilient Planet (CHIRRP)



National Science Foundation (NSF)


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The Confronting Hazards, Impacts and Risks for a Resilient Planet Program (CHIRRP) invites projects focusing on innovative and transformative research that advances Earth system hazard knowledge and risk mitigation in partnership with affected communities. Hazards compounded by changing climates, rising populations, expanding demands for resources, aging infrastructure, and increasing reliance on technology are putting our economy, well-being, and national security at risk. Researchers, academics, and community leaders will work together to develop community-driven research questions and actionable, science-based solutions that increase community resilience now and in the future.

CHIRRP projects are expected to advance understanding, forecasting and/or prediction of future Earth system hazards and risks, engage communities in development of research questions and approaches, and produce actionable, science-based solution pathways for adaptation methodologies, products, and services. CHIRRP projects may evaluate a single or system of cascading hazards, impacts, and risks at a local, regional, or global scale through the lens of transformative earth system science research. Competitive projects will engage community partners at all stages of a project from development to implementation.

CHIRRP currently supports planning, conference, RCNs, EAGER, and RAISE proposals that support development of community partnerships, provide training for effective community engagement, catalyze ideas, and/or support the initial conceptualization, planning and collaboration activities aimed at formulating new and sound plans for future large-scale projects.

CHIRRP projects will demonstrate convergence of three essential elements:

  • Equitable Community Partnerships

  • An Earth System Science approach to advance knowledge of hazards, impacts, and risks

  • Actionable Solutions that increase resilience. The initiative seeks solutions to existing as well as next-generation Earth system hazards.





Applications Due June 06, 2024



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