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NYSERDA Charge Ready NY 2.0 Incentive. Ongoing Deadline.

Opportunity Title:

Charge Ready NY 2.0

Opportunity Number:

PON 5367


Charge Ready NY 2.0 (PON 5367) is an incentive program that provides $4,000 per charging port installed at a public facility within a DAC and $2,000 per charging port installed at a workplace or MUD location upon completion of the installation of charging equipment and the provision of appropriate documentation. An additional incentive of $500 per port may be awarded for eligible Level 2 charging equipment installed at a workplace or MUD location within a DAC. Equipment Owners at workplace or MUD locations may choose to participate in a bonus program to receive additional incentives. Public and private (for-profit and not-for-profit) entities may participate in the Program. Applicants can be the Equipment Owners or the Installers on behalf of the Equipment Owners.


To receive an incentive payment through the Program, Applicants must purchase and install the required minimum number of Eligible Charging Equipment charging ports as described in Section 4. Only equipment and network service providers approved by NYSERDA through RFQL 5312: Charge Ready NY 2.0 Equipment and Network Qualification Process are eligible for incentives through the Program.

Application Deadline:

December 31, 2025 or until funds are exhausted, whichever comes first.

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