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NYSERDA NextGen Buildings Innovation Challenges. Due 9/27

Opportunity Title:

NextGen Buildings Innovation Challenges

Opportunity Number:

(PON) 3519


The NextGen Buildings funding opportunity will help develop energy efficient building technologies and new business models for New York’s building industry, in order to tackle emissions from New York’s building stock.

In the seventh round of innovation challenges, $18 million of funding is available to encourage private investment and advance the next generation of buildings. The innovation challenges are focused on improving the performance and value propositions of innovations for New York’s buildings. These challenges identify attributes that drive innovation and challenge industry to develop systems that deliver on those attributes, help establish credibility of new companies and products through engagement and involvement of influential buildings sector stakeholders, and drive market entry through identification and leveraging of existing channels to market for products and services.

NYSERDA is seeking proposals focusing on:

Building Envelope Systems and Components – Solutions for single-family and multifamily buildings that will substantially reduce heating and cooling costs, increase comfort, and modernize façades by introducing new materials and construction techniques.

Ground Source Heat Pump Cost Compression – Solutions for residential and commercial buildings that reduce the system installation cost by 20% or greater through new heat pump equipment, ground loop technologies, and hybrid systems.

Intelligent Buildings – Solutions for residential and commercial buildings that enable electrification without electric service upgrades, connect legacy and siloed energy systems, and maintain residents’ desired comfort while minimizing the building’s peak electricity demand, emissions, and impact on the grid.

Thermal Storage – Solutions for residential and commercial buildings that integrate thermal storage with HVAC equipment to provide space conditioning as a single functional system and reduce overall heating peak loads.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

September 27, 2023

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