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Revolutionizing Ore to Steel to Impact Emissions (ROSIE)

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Revolutionizing Ore to Steel to Impact Emissions (ROSIE)


Department of Energy

Advanced Research Projects Agency Energy

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The ROSIE (Revolutionizing Ore to Steel to Impact Emissions) Program is a 3-year, $35 million program developing pathways to zero emissions ironmaking and ultra-low life cycle emissions for steelmaking. The program seeks to fund the development and demonstration of novel technologies that produce iron-based products from iron-containing ores and alternative feedstocks without process emissions in the ironmaking step. The Program’s technologies will demonstrate a path to cost-competitiveness with traditional incumbent carbothermic blast furnace ironmaking. The technologies funded through this program have transformative potential, because no technology route exists today that meets both this emissions constraint and this cost parity goal. The program will have two categories. Category A includes processes from ore to ironmaking. Category B must include ironmaking but can extend to downstream steel production. Technologies must have the potential to achieve: • Zero non-biogenic3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions4 specifically from the ironmaking5 process • Ultra-low cradle-to-gate lifecycle GHG emissions emitted per tonne of iron or steel product (< 0.7 tonnes CO2 emitted per tonne of HRC steel) • Process and product scalability of >15 million tonnes • Cost parity with the iron or steel product being displaced • Materials properties consistent with relevant commercial product being displaced • Produced 10 kilograms (kg) of proposed product by project end • A demonstrated production rate of 1 kg/hour by project end If successful, novel ironmaking technologies meeting the metrics set forth by the program will enable a reduction of U.S. emissions by over 65 million tonnes (Mt) carbon dioxide emitted (CO2e) annually (~1% of U.S. emissions) and global emissions by over 2.9 gigatonnes (Gt) annually (5.5 % of global emissions).



Award Details:

Maximum Award: $10M



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