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TERP - Notice of Public Comment and Public Meeting on TERP Guidelines for Emission Reduction Grants

Opportunity Title:

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) - Notice of Public Comment Period and Public Meeting on Proposed Revisions to the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) Guidelines for Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (commission) is issuing this public notice of proposed revisions to the ERIG guidelines to obtain public input.

The proposed guideline revisions would incorporate changes made to the Diesel Emissions Reduction Incentives (DERI) in 30 TAC Chapter 114, Control of Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles, Subchapter K, Division 3. The rules were amended to implement portions of House Bill 4472, 87th Texas Legislature, 2021, Regular Session. The changes provide that the commission set the minimum percentage of annual usage required for Texas Emission Reduction Plan-funded marine vessels or engines at 55% in the intercoastal waterways or bays adjacent to a nonattainment area or affected county of this state

Written comments submitted separate from the public meeting may be sent in writing to Mr. Nate Hickman, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Air Grants Division, Grant Development and Management Section, MC 204, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087, or faxed to Mr. Nate Hickman at (512) 239-0077. Electronic comments may be submitted at: File size restrictions may apply to comments being submitted via the eComments system. All comments should reference Non-Rule Project Number 2020-033-OTH-NR. The comment period closes August 22, 2022. Please choose one of the methods provided to submit your written comments.

Webinar Information:

Individuals who plan to attend the hearing virtually and want to provide oral comments and/or want their attendance on record must register by Tuesday, August 16, 2022. To register for the hearing, please email and provide the following information: your name, your affiliation, your email address, your phone number, and whether or not you plan to provide oral comments during the hearing. Instructions for participating in the hearing will be sent on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, to those who register for the hearing.

Members of the public who do not wish to provide oral comments but would like to view the hearing virtually may do so at no cost through Microsoft Teams.

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