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USDA Food Supply Chain Guaranteed Loan Program. $40M Available.

Opportunity Title:

Food Supply Chain Guaranteed Loan Program


The Food Supply Chain Guaranteed Loan Program is a part of USDA’s Build Back Better initiative to strengthen critical supply chains and our food system. This program guarantees loans of up to $40 million for qualified lenders to finance food systems projects, specifically for the start-up or expansion of activities in the middle of the food supply chain. The program will support new investments in infrastructure for food aggregation, processing, manufacturing, storage, transportation, wholesaling, and distribution to increase capacity and create a more resilient, diverse, and secure U.S. food supply chain. This program is fully funded by the American Rescue Plan Act.


For Lenders: Lenders, including banks, credit unions, CDFIs, loan funds, and others, must be approved under the OneRD Guarantee Loan Initiative.

For Borrowers: Eligible borrowers must be directly engaged in the middle of the food supply chain, specifically the aggregation, processing, manufacturing, storing, transporting, wholesaling, or distribution of food.

Total Amount Available:


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