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Vehicle-Grid Innovation Lab (ViGIL) solicitation - Delayed

The California Energy Commission’s Vehicle-Grid Innovation Lab (ViGIL) solicitation that was scheduled to be released in July, 2020, is delayed. Staff is continuing to refine this solicitation, and we currently anticipate a solicitation release in the first quarter of 2021. We appreciate your patience as we work towards finalizing this solicitation.

Provide local testing capacity and accelerated throughput for charging technologies, with one project will be funded for a maximum of $3 million available.

What will this solicitation be looking for:

Convenience Ensure that technologies employed in plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles work in a harmonious manner and across service territories.

Cost Control EVs should assist in grid and renewables management, and reduce fuel costs for drivers who charge in a manner consistent with grid conditions.

Customer Choice Standardized, open charging systems that ensure easy access by all in a competitive, and highly innovative market.

Interoperability “will provide standardized devices that are capable of functioning as intended with each other, without special effort by the user.”

Maximum of $3 million is available for one project

• $1 million of this funding must be used to test a minimum of 10 eligible product models

• The remaining funding may be used for capacity expansion in accordance with the project requirements and the eligible costs:

o Added engineering staff

o Number of test devices

o Number of devices tested per quarter

o Number of new types of form factors tested

o Number and type of tests offered

o Reduction in cost of testing

• Open to California private entities for capacity expansion and accelerated throughput of electric vehicle charging infrastructure testing at an existing facility located within California

• Applicants may only submit one application

• Applications must include at least 50 percent of total project costs as match share

• Of this match share, at least 50 percent should be cash match

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