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Alaska Energy Authority - Eligible Renewable Energy projects - Due 1/18/22

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) is seeking applications for eligible renewable energy projects through the Renewable Energy Fund (REF). The Round 14 application period opens November 16, 2021 and closes January 18, 2022. AEA will evaluate all applications received and will consult with the REF Advisory Committee (REFAC) to make final recommendations to the Alaska State Legislature for Fiscal Year 2023 funding. All funding decisions, including if there will be any funding available, will be made by the legislature. To apply, click here.

About the Renewable Energy Fund

The Alaska Renewable Energy Fund (REF) provides benefits to Alaskans by reducing and stabilizing the cost of energy through development of renewable energy projects. The program is designed to produce cost-effective renewable energy for heat and power to benefit Alaskans statewide.

The REF was established by the Alaska State Legislature in 2008, and in 2012 was extended 10 years to 2023. The REF is managed by AEA in coordination with a nine-member Renewable Energy Fund Advisory Committee. The program provides grant funding for the development of qualifying and competitively selected renewable energy projects. Since inception 244 REF grants have been awarded to projects totaling $275 million. Over 95 operating projects have been built with REF contributions, collectively saving more than 30 million gallons of diesel each year.

In Round 13 as solicited in 2020, 11 applications were recommended to, and approved by the Legislature for a total appropriation of $4.75 million. The State’s continued investment in renewable energy projects through the REF program reduces the cost of energy, creates jobs, utilizes local energy resources, keeps money in local economies, and fosters economic development.

Pursuant to Chapter 31 Session Laws of Alaska 2008 and as amended by Chapter 12 Session Laws of Alaska 2012 (referred to below as the program legislation), which establishes and amends the renewable energy grant recommendation program in AS AS 42.45.045, AEA is soliciting competitive applications from qualified applicants for the purpose of recommending grants for renewable energy (RE) projects to be funded by the Alaska State Legislature. Applications will be accepted and evaluated in accordance with AS (AS 42.45.045), and regulations (3 AAC107.600 – 695) and this RFA.

Eligible Projects

AEA may recommend grants for reconnaissance studies, feasibility studies, final design and construction of an eligible project. Applications for projects that are not eligible per the statute and regulations will be rejected without further evaluation. AEA 23001 Page 7 of 33 11/16/2021 To be eligible for a grant recommendation the applicant’s project must: 1.5.1. Be a  new project not in operation on August 20, 2008 or,  an addition to an existing project made after August 20, 2008; AND 1.5.2 Be a  hydroelectric facility:  direct use of renewable energy resources;  facility that generates electricity from fuel cells that use hydrogen from renewable energy resources or natural gas; or  facility that generates energy from renewable energy resources. “Renewable energy resources” means:  wind, solar, geothermal, waste heat recovery, hydrothermal, wave, tidal, river instream, hydropower; or  low-emission nontoxic biomass based on solid or liquid organic fuels from wood, forest and field residues, or animal or fish products; or  dedicated energy crops available on a renewable basis; or  landfill gas and digester gas. “Wasteheat recovery” means systems for the recovery of unused heat from systems or processes in operation when the applicant applies for a renewable energy grant. REF grant funds will be allocated only to the portions of existing systems that are required for the capture and distribution of heat. A project involving the “direct use of renewable energy resources” means it either uses renewable energy to generate energy or to make fuel used to generate energy.

Application Deadline

All applications must be received no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

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