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CA Air Resources Board-Transfer of Development Rights as a Tool for Greenhouse Gas Reduction.

Opportunity Title:

Potential State Roles in Expanding Transfer of Development Rights as a Tool for Greenhouse Gas Reduction


This is a competitive contract solicitation to support the California Air Resources Board (CARB or Board) Sustainable Transportation and Communities Division. CARB encourages proposers to form multidisciplinary teams to fulfill contract requirements. Principal Investigators (PIs) must be affiliated with University of California (UC) and California State Universities (CSU); however, CARB welcomes applications that include subcontractors from outside of the UC/CSU systems.

This research project will investigate the applicability of a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program to local and state greenhouse gas reduction and land conservation efforts, with a focus on leveraging development rights for housing and other community investments that benefit Disadvantaged Communities. It will examine the extent to which TDR could be an effective tool in California for advancing State climate goals through accelerated housing production and natural and working lands conservation, with a focus on equitable outcomes and investment in disadvantaged communities. The project will recommend potential State roles and actions to expand use of TDR throughout the state. This research will also identify potential avenues for TDR as a tool for advancing social and racial equity in both urban and rural areas, and on both the development and conservation sides of the TDR exchange.



Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

Pre-Proposals are due on August 5, 2022

Full Applications are due September 9, 2022

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