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CA: Airport Improvement Program Matching Grant - $2.5M Available - (Ongoing Deadline)

Opportunity Title: Airport Improvement Program Matching Grant


Provides airport sponsor's a portion of the local match required for a Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant to eligible public-use general aviation airports.

This is a reimbursable grant for airport development or planning activities. The State will provide up to 5% of total AIP grant with a project maximum of $150,000 per project.

Project must be listed in the State Capital Improvement Plan to be eligible.

Project must not begin until a notice to proceed is given by the State


Eligible Applicants:

Public Agency

Projects must be listed in the State Capital Improvement Plan

Completed Form DOA-0012 - State Matching Grant Application for FAA AIP

Completed Form DOA-0007 - CAAP Certification

Local government approval as described in CAAP Regulations, Section 4067.

Executed FAA grant agreement.

California Environmental Quality Act documentation

Airport Layout Plan (ALP) including project location and dimensions or project drawing if ALP doesn't exist.

Eligible Geographies:


Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $2.5M

Maximum Award: $150K Per Project

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Performance Period: 50 months post award

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