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CA Dept. of Education - Learning Communities for School Success Program. Deadline: 5/12/22.

Opportunity Title:

CDE Learning Communities for School Success Program


California voters passed Proposition 47, the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act (SNSA), in November 2014. Subsequent legislation in 2016 established the Learning Communities for School Success Program (LCSSP).

The LCSSP was established for the purpose of implementing the K-12 education portion of the SNSA. Through this program, the Department will administer grants and coordinate assistance to local educational agencies (LEAs) to support their efforts in identifying and implementing evidence-based, nonpunitive programs and practices aligned with the goals for pupils contained in each of their local control and accountability plans (LCAP), pursuant to Education Code (EC) Section 47606.5, 52060, or 52066, as applicable.


Applicants are limited to LEAs within the State of California that serve students in K—12, inclusive. This includes all charter schools, school districts, and county offices of education (COEs) in their role as providers of direct student services in COE-operated schools.

Award Details:

The available grant funds are based on the approved 2022–23 California Budget under line item Proposition 47 Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund. This award is made contingent upon the availability of funds.

The grant amounts will be based on four factors:

1. Student Enrollment: Funded applicants may receive up to $50 per year per student enrolled in the LEA,[1] with a minimum of $15,000 and a maximum of $2 million per LEA/consortium for the three-year grant period.

2. Schools Receiving Direct Funds and Services: For applications focused on the needs of students in a limited number of schools within the LEA, the grant amount shall reflect the enrollment in schools receiving grant funds and services. The grant amount shall be determined by funding the total number of students enrolled in schools receiving direct funds and services at $50 per enrolled student per year. In no case will total LEA/consortium funding fall below $15,000 or over $2 million for the full three-year grant period.

For grants funding programs targeted at a limited number of schools in the LEA, the application must identify each school by its name, unique CDS code, and its enrollment for the year immediately preceding Year 1 of the cohort. For programs providing funds and services to all schools in the LEA, the enrollment, name, and CDS code of individual schools are not required.

3. Consortium Applications: Consortium grant amounts will be determined by funding the total number of students enrolled in each of the LEAs in the consortium at $50 per student per year. Where only selected schools in any of the LEAs participating in a consortium receive grant funds and services, the total enrollment in each participating school will be used to determine the total consortium funding. In no case will total funding for the entire consortium fall below $15,000 or over $2 million for the full three-year grant period.

4. CDE Funding Review: The CDE reserves the right to review and adjust requested budget amounts prior to the final grant award.

Application Deadline:

May 12, 2022

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