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CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture - Healthy Refrigeration Grant Program. Deadline: 6/10/22.

Opportunity Title:

Healthy Refrigeration Grant Program RFP for Technical Assistance Providers


The Healthy Refrigeration Grant Program funds energy efficient refrigeration units in corner stores, small businesses, and food donation programs in low-income or low-access areas to stock California-grown produce, nuts, dairy, meat, eggs, minimally processed, and culturally appropriate foods. This opportunity will onboard technical assistance providers to provide outreach, application assistance, and technical expertise for underserved areas.


Business, Nonprofit, Public Agency, Tribal Government

Eligible applicants are nonprofits, small businesses including business consultancies, cities, counties, Tribal governments and Tribal organizations with the expertise, networks, and capacity to identify target applicants, provide outreach and application assistance, and/or technical expertise.

Multiple organizations may partner on a single application, with one clear lead applicant. CDFA encourages statewide cooperation among regional TAPs.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

June 10, 2022

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