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CA Dept. of Housing and Community Development-Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program

Opportunity Title:

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC)


The AHSC Program will assist project areas by providing grants and/or loans, or any combination thereof, that will achieve GHG emissions reductions and benefit Disadvantaged Communities through increasing accessibility of affordable housing, employment centers, and key destinations via low-carbon transportation resulting in fewer vehicle miles traveled (VMT) through shortened or reduced trip length or mode shift from Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) use to transit, bicycling, or walking. Three Project Area types have been identified to implement this strategy:

  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Project Areas,

  • Integrated Connectivity Project (ICP) Project Areas, or

  • Rural Innovation Project Areas (RIPA).

The assistance terms and limits include, but are not limited to, the following requirements:

  • The maximum AHSC Program loan or grant award or combination thereof is $50 million with a minimum award of at least $10 million in all Project Area types.

  • A single developer may receive no more than $100 million per NOFA funding cycle.*

*These limitations may be waived if necessary to meet statutorily required Affordable Housing and Disadvantaged Community set-asides.


Eligible applicant entities include any of the following:

  • A locality, public housing authority, redevelopment successor agency, transit agency or transit operator, Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), local Transportation Commissions, Congestion Management Agencies, Joint Powers Authority (JPA), school district, facilities district, university or community college district

  • A developer or program operator

  • A Federally Recognized Indian Tribe

If a public agency has a financial or real property interest in the proposed project, the application must either include the public agency as a co-applicant or otherwise include a commitment to enter into a contractual agreement to develop the project, if it is awarded.

Award Details:

AHSC funding award maximum: For projects without other HCD awards, the maximum AHSC loan or grant award, or combination thereof, is $50 million, with a minimum award of $10 million. For these projects, the maximum Affordable Housing Development loan amount is $35 million, and the maximum cumulative per Project grant amount is $15 million. Additionally, for Projects that have or will have other HCD funding, the maximum cumulative per-project award of all HCD loan sources for housing development is $35 million.

AHSC funding award maximum: A single Developer may receive no more than $100 million per NOFA funding cycle. This limitation may be waived by SGC, if necessary, to meet statutory requirements referenced in Guidelines Section 108, Application Process.

Application Deadline:

April 4, 2023

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