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CA Energy Commission: GFO-21-604 Clean Transportation Program Rural Electric Vehicle (REV) Charging


The purpose of this solicitation is to:

  • Demonstrate replicable and scalable business and technology models that can deploy electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to serve rural EV drivers.

  • Support travel by rural EV drivers, especially those from low-income or disadvantaged communities.

  • Provide EV charging access in rural areas that are not served or inadequately served by charging stations.

  • Provide support and maintenance services to ensure reliable and readily accessible chargers.

  • Engage local rural communities and businesses to increase charger awareness and promote EV adoption.


This solicitation is open to all public and private entities.

Project teams may include, but are not limited to:

·Community-based organizations (defined for this solicitation as an organization that (a) is place-based, with an explicit geographic focus area that includes the proposed project area(s), (b) has staff members, volunteers, or Board members that reside in the community where the project is located or intended to serve, (c) has a demonstrated track record of at least one year providing services in the proposed project area)

·California Native American Tribes and California Tribal Organizations

·Transportation planning agencies including rural county transportation commissions and regional transportation planning agencies

·Cities and counties


·Non-profit organizations (for example public schools, public charities, volunteer organizations, workforce development entities, places of worship, and some governmental agencies)

·Public housing agencies

·Environmental or environmental justice organizations


Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $4.8M

Maximum Award: $1.6M

Minimum Award: $500k

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 3/11/22

Pre-Application Workshop: 1/5/22

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