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Coming Soon - CA Strategic Growth Council - Community Resilience Centers.

Opportunity Title:

CA Strategic Growth Council - Community Resilience Centers (CRC)


The CRC program is California Strategic Growth Council’s (SGC) newest program. It was funded under SB 155, under last year’s (2021) state budget. On July 1, 2022, $100M in funding for the program was approved by California legislatures, authorizing the program development process to begin (program is 15 days in). The funds will be distributed over 2 years, beginning with $25M in the first round. Budget negotiations are ongoing and there remains the possibility of additional funds for the program, but is not guaranteed. The CRC program is funded through the general fund, meaning emission reductions is not the primary goal/requirement as in Cap and Trade or other federally funded programs, although emissions reductions is certainly a goal that the program is in alignment with.

SGC’s CRC program will fund new construction and upgrades of neighborhood-level resilience centers to provide shelter and resources during climate and other emergencies. It is critical that applicants bring together a group of community members, as well as people they serve. The program will also fund year-round services and ongoing programming that build overall community resilience.

Under SB 155, Community Resilience Centers are to “mitigate the public health impacts of extreme heat and other emergency situations exacerbated by climate change.” Centers serve as emergency response facilities and spaces to build long-term resilience and should focus on delivering integrated services/amenities (e.g., gathering spaces, food rescue distribution, gardens, job training, wifi, etc.). CRC’s must be centered around a trusted community-serving location (must be a building), such as community centers, places of worship, libraries, schools, etc.


Collaborative structure and role of local government

Priority communities

Award Details:

Round 1 (FY 22-23): $25,000,000

Round 2 (FY 23-24): $75,000,000

Application Timeline:

July-August: SGC develops first draft guidelines

September: SGC releases draft guidelines for 30-day public comment

Sept-Oct: SGC updates draft to incorporate public comment

December: SGC posts proposed guidelines, presents to Council for adoption

Early 2023: SGC releases Notice of Funding Availability and application

Summer 2023: First round of CRC grants awarded

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