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Coming Soon: DOE IEDO Energy- and Emissions- Intensive Industries

Opportunity Title:

NOI: FY24 Energy- and Emissions- Intensive Industries FOA



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This FOA will focus on applied R&D and pilot demonstration for the highest GHG-emittng

subsectors, specifically: chemicals and fuels; iron and steel; food and beverage; building and

infrastructure materials (including cement and concrete, asphalt pavements, and glass); and

forest products. Technology approaches include achieving cost and emissions savings through increased circularity and sustainability across manufacturing to reduce waste and decrease the need for resource extraction. The FOA will fund research, development, and prototype or pilot- scale technology validation and demonstration activities that will accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable technologies that increase efficiency and eliminate industrial GHG emissions for the most energy- and emissions- intensive industrial subsectors. These activities will contribute to a clean and equitable energy economy, bolster the technological and economic competitiveness of domestic manufacturing, and boost the viability and competitiveness of U.S. industrial technology exports.

This FOA will address a subset of these priorities, as described in the topics listed below. Topics 1 through 5 are anticipated to allow for multiple tiers of funding including initial laboratory validations to seed future work, a tier for research and development-only projects, and a tier for projects that include scope for technology demonstration for research and development-only projects and a tier for projects that include scope for technology demonstration integrated into industrial operations. Topics may allow applications between Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2 and 7. Topic 6 is anticipated to support preliminary front-end engineering (Pre-FEED) projects.

Topic 1: Decarbonizing Chemicals and Fuels

Topic 2: Decarbonizing Iron and Steel

Topic 3: Decarbonizing Food and Beverage Products

Topic 4: Decarbonizing Cement and Concrete, Asphalt Pavements, and Glass

Topic 5: Decarbonizing Forest Products

Topic 6 Industrial Pre-FEED Studies

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