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Dept. of Justice - Community Policing Development: De-Escalation Training Solicitation. Due 6/21/22.

Opportunity Title:

Community Policing Development: De-Escalation Training Solicitation


Law enforcement use of force has long been a topic of national and local discussion, especially when a high-profile case heightens community awareness. The concept of de-escalation has been a part of law enforcement use of force discussions for decades. De-escalation refers to the range of verbal and nonverbal skills used to slow down the sequence of events, enhance situational awareness, conduct proper threat assessments, and allow for better decision-making to reduce the likelihood that a situation will escalate into a physical confrontation or injury and to ensure the safest possible outcomes.

De-escalation should be viewed holistically by law enforcement agencies. De-escalation includes aspects of communication and physical tactics, but it is also important to recognize the role that community engagement and procedural justice play in ensuring police-community encounters that are safe for everyone. The COPS Office also encourages an agency-wide comprehensive approach to de-escalation that includes individual-level de-escalation, implicit bias, and duty to intervene techniques training. In addition to training, agencies should consider other organizational supports such as data analysis, after-action reviews of use of force incidents, and other efforts to build agency knowledge and implement best practices in de-escalation.


Public Government Agencies, Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and their Public Agencies, For-Profit (Commercial) Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Institutions of Higher Education, Community Groups, and Faith-Based Organizations.

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Application Deadline: Application Deadline: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

JustGrants Application Deadline: Thursday, June 23, 2022

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