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Dept. of Transportation - Regional Probation and Parole Liaison Program. Due 9/5. $2M Available.

Opportunity Title:

Regional Probation and Parole Liaison Program

Opportunity Number:



The purpose of this Cooperative Agreement (CA or Agreement) is to reduce impaired driving recidivism by conducting a demonstration program evaluating the efficacy of a Probation and Parole Liaison program. These community supervision professionals, one in each of up to 3 NHTSA regions, will be dedicated to training, information sharing, and network development within their respective Region’s professional community supervision network.


This NOFO is open all type of domestic applicants, other than individuals that demonstrate that they have the infrastructure in place, as well as the necessary staff and support to carry out the responsibilities of administering, coordinating, and implementing the activities of this NOFO. Only organizations capable of fulfilling the criteria listed within this NOFO will be considered for an award. Applicant must have the existence of an organizational infrastructure that will allow staff time necessary to handle the day-to-day logistical needs for this project. To be eligible to participate in the Cooperative Agreement, Recipients will meet the following requirements:

• Have personnel with the education, experience, and expertise required to successfully meet the activities of the Cooperative Agreement. Demonstrating familiarity and understanding of the topics identified in the Activities for the Cooperative Agreement;

• Can demonstrate that the organization has sufficient professional and/or corporate organizational experience, structures, and capacity to meet the Activities for the Cooperative Agreement;

• Describe how the Recipient will contribute to the success of the project and articulate the organization or individual(s) who will be responsible for each element of the activities outlined in the NOFO;

• Describe how the Recipient will manage the business requirements of the NOFO to ensure the Applicant can accomplish the activities of the Cooperative Agreement, including budgeting and financial management.

Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

September 5, 2022

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