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DOE American-Made Building Envelope Innovation Prize: Secondary Glazing Systems – Phase 1 Due 06/13/24; Next Phases 2025 & 2026

Opportunity Title:

Building Envelope Innovation Prize - Secondary Glazing Systems



Department of Energy (DOE), Building Technologies Office (BTO)



The American-Made Building Envelope Innovation Prize will offer support to encourage the production of high-performance, cost-effective secondary glazing systems to improve the efficiency of commercial windows.

This prize targets novel solutions for upgrading inefficient windows to enable building decarbonization retrofits and optimize building envelopes for electrification. The prize will help establish, support, and expand innovation in window systems and catalyze teams to rapidly develop and deploy cost-effective solutions in the secondary glazing systems market.

Secondary glazing systems:

  • Can be installed without replacing existing windows or altering the building exterior

  • Can be half the cost of a window replacement—or less

  • Are less disruptive to install as current windows do not need to be removed

  • Increase resilience and comfort

  • Reduce building energy consumption

The Building Envelope Innovation Prize aims to fund development of promising, cost-effective, market-ready secondary glazing system solutions across three phases:

Phase 1: Design Concept

  • In Phase 1, teams provide an innovative concept narrative and design for a secondary glazing system innovation, including details on cost and energy performance.

  • Phase 1 awards will be based on energy and technical performance modeling, cost metrics, and construction plans.

  • Teams can join only during Phase 1, as Phases 2 and 3 will be down-select processes.

Phase 2: Prototype

  • In Phase 2, semifinalist teams must submit a secondary glazing system prototype, technical narrative and secure an equity-focused pilot.

  • Phase 2 awards will be based on prototype construction, as well as thermal and optical performance tests run by a national laboratory.

Phase 3: Commercialization

  • In Phase 3, finalist teams will work with their equity-focused pilot demonstration partner(s) and submit plans for commercialization.

  • Phase 3 awards will be based on prototype durability testing results (contingent on prize funding), rigor of commercialization plans, and implementation of equity-focused pilot in low-income multifamily or underserved public sector buildings.

Join for the Phase 1 - Design Concept Informational Webinar #2 to learn more about the prize!

May 14, 2024, 03:00 p.m. EST (Phase 1)



  • Private entities (for-profits and nonprofits)

  • Non-federal government entities (such as states, counties, tribes, and municipalities)

  • Academic institutions

  • Individuals


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Phase 1:


Phase 2:


Phase 3:




Phase 1 Applications Due June 13, 2024

Phase 2 Applications Due March 13, 2025

Phase 3 Applications Due May 28, 2026



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