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DOE BIL Carbon Capture Demonstration Programs. Due 12/5. $189M Available.

Opportunity Title:

BIL Carbon Capture Demonstration Projects Program: Front-End Engineering Design Studies for Integrated Carbon Capture, Transport, and Storage Systems

Opportunity Number:



BIL: Carbon Capture Demonstration Projects Program FRONT-END ENGINEERING DESIGN STUDIES FOR INTEGRATED CARBON CAPTURE, TRANSPORT and STORAGE SYSTEMS". The objective of this FOA is to seek applications to execute and complete front-end engineering design (FEED) studies for integrated carbon capture, transport (if required) and storage (CCS) systems. The integrated CCS systems will separate, transport (if required) and store carbon from new and existing, domestic coal electric generation facilities, natural gas (NG) electric generation facilities, and industrial facilities not purposed for electric generation. Integrated CCS systems include not only the carbon capture technology, but also any relevant carbon oxides transportation (if required), and carbon storage formation(s) or off-take agreements. Modification 000001: The purpose of this modification is to clarify the location of the FOA Questions and Answers, provide clarification to Topic Area 2.1 and Topic Area 3.2, update the Letter of Intent information, Intellectual Property Management Plan, Treatment of Application Information requirements, update Appendix A and update Appendix N. Please see the full FOA document for a detailed listing of the changes.



Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

December 5, 2022

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