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DOE: Small Innovative Projects in Solar 2022: Concentrating Solar-Thermal Power and PV- LOI Due 2/28

Opportunity Title: Small Innovative Projects in Solar 2022: Concentrating Solar-Thermal Power and PV

Opportunity Number: DE-FOA-0002606


The structure of this funding opportunity is designed to streamline the application process to encourage applications from a diverse pool of researchers who have never applied or been selected for a SETO project award. SETO is interested in proposals that advance technology development goals through strategies supported by diversity in experience, perspectives, and research discipline. In addition, applicants must submit a plan to broaden the participation of well-qualified members of underrepresented groups on their teams. These efforts will help to achieve the administration’s goal to increase the diversity of those working in applied energy research fields.

SIPS Topic Area 1: CSP – 8-13 projects, $3 million Projects in this topic area will advance novel ideas in CSP that either apply new science and ideas to the sector or close a technical gap or limitation in an emerging technology. Responsive concepts include all aspects of CSP plants with thermal energy storage, as well as solar-thermal process heat innovations, solar-thermal fuel systems, and pumped thermal energy storage.

SIPS Topic Area 2: PV – 7-10 projects, $2 million Projects in this topic area will focus on new and emerging areas of PV research that can produce significant results within the first year of performance and, if successful, lay the foundation for continued research. These projects should aim to significantly lower costs with a focus on improving the power conversion efficiency, fielded energy output, reuse and recycling of system components, service lifetime, and manufacturability of PV technologies.


Teams from universities, federally-funded research and development centers, nonprofit and for-profit companies, community-based organizations, state agencies, and local governments are encouraged to apply.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $5M

Maximum Award: $400K

Minimum Award: $250K

Submission Details:

Letter of Intent Due: 2/28/22 5pm ET

Full Applications Due: 3/21/22 5pm ET

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