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DOT Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) - Due 07/25/24

Opportunity Title:

Small Community Air Service Development Program



Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of the Under Secretary for Policy


Opportunity Number:




The SCASDP program is designed to provide financial assistance to small communities, on a competitive basis, to help them enhance their air service. Grant monies are disbursed to grantees on a reimbursable basis. The goal of this program is to improve air service to underserved communities, including connectivity to the national air transportation system, consistent with statutory requirements and the Department’s strategic goals.

The Department may award SCASDP grants to communities to subsidize air service to/from an underserved airport, to an underserved airport to obtain air service to/from that airport, and to an underserved airport to otherwise improve air service. Examples of eligible projects that have received grants include economic air service studies, marketing of air service or an airport, air carrier recruitment, revenue guarantees to air carriers providing air service, start-up cost offsets, fee waivers, reimbursement of air carrier ground handling fees, travel banks.



Public entities only, individually or as a part of a consortium

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:




Applications Due July 25, 2024



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