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Energiize Commercial Vehicles - Hydrogen Funding Lane Opens Next Week - 4/27/23 - $29.7M Available

The Energy Infrastructure Incentives for Zero-Emission (EnergIIZE) Commercial Vehicles Project’s Hydrogen Funding Lane will open next week at 9 a.m. PT Thursday, April 27, 2023, and close at 5 p.m. PT Friday, May 12, 2023. The total amount of funding available is $29.7 million.

Applications must be submitted through the application portal. Applications submitted via email will not be accepted.

If you have not applied for EnergIIZE funding through the Incentive Process Center (IPC) application portal, familiarize yourself with the system using their Sandbox test environment. Navigating around Sandbox is easy and will help prepare you for the application process.

Sandbox test environment closes on 4/21/23.

For more information, click here to sign up for news and updates, email the EnergIIZE team at or visit

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