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EPA Building Partner Capacity and Promoting Resiliency & Equity under Clean Water Act, Wetlands, Nonpoint Source, Monitoring, Assessment and Listing Programs - Due 07/17/24

Opportunity Title:

Fiscal Year 2024 Building Partner Capacity and Promoting Resiliency and Equity under Clean Water Act, Wetlands, Nonpoint Source, Monitoring, Assessment and Listing Programs


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Opportunity Number:




The EPA is soliciting applications from eligible entities to provide support for training and related activities to build the capacity of agricultural partners, state, territorial and Tribal officials and nongovernmental stakeholders in activities to be carried out to support the goals of the Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 303(d) Program, the CWA 305(b) Program, the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program, the Nonpoint Source (CWA Section 319) Program, the Fish Monitoring/Advisory Programs, the Recreational Waters/Beach Monitoring Programs, and the Water Quality Monitoring Program.

Each application submitted under this announcement must address one, and only one, of the five National Priority Areas described below:

  1. National Priority Area I: State and Tribal Aquatic Resource Monitoring Technical Training and Capacity Building Workshops

  2. National Priority Area II: State, Tribal and Territorial Data Management and Data Sharing Training Workshops

  3. National Priority Area III: Training Workshops on Recreational Waters and Beach Monitoring Programs

  4. National Priority Area IV: Nonpoint Source Technical Support for Tribes

  5. National Priority Area V: Training Workshop on Fish Monitoring and Advisory Programs



  • State and local governments

  • Federally recognized Indian Tribes

  • Intertribal consortia

  • Interstate agencies

  • Territories

  • Possessions of the U.S.

  • Public and private universities and colleges

  • Hospitals

  • Laboratories

  • Public or private non-profit institutions


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:




Questions Due July 01, 2024

Applications Due July 17, 2024



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