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FTA Launches New Bus Testing Portal. Webinar Available on 4/27/2022.


FTA will announce interpretations, clarifications, and changes in policies and requirements on this Bus Testing Program website as they occur, please review the information on this site before:

  • acquiring buses with FTA grant funds

  • seeking a determination of bus testing requirements

  • submitting a bus model for testing

Before recipients of FTA grant funding can release that funding to acquire a bus model, they must have a copy of the FTA bus testing report(s) that applies to that bus model to ensure the bus has satisfied FTA bus testing requirements described in the pages linked below.

Variations of previously tested bus models that are produced with major changes may be covered by a combination of a partial bus testing report covering the data that would be expected to be different as a result of the changes, and a full bus testing report to provide the unaffected data carried over from the original baseline model.

There are often significant differences in the performance, durability, and reliability of different bus models. Carefully reviewing bus testing reports not just for the bus model(s) under consideration, but also for other buses built by the same manufacturer, and similar buses built by other manufacturers can help grantees select the best bus for their needs and minimize future problems.

Webinar Information:

To learn how to use the portal, attend FTA's webinar on April 27, 2022 at 1PM ET. Registration is required.

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