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Western SARE Farmer/Rancher Research & Education Grant Program.

Opportunity Title:

Farmer/Rancher Research & Education Grant Program


The Western SARE Farmer/Rancher Grant Program focuses on advancing on-farm sustainability solutions by funding innovative producer-driven research and outreach. With a Farmer/Rancher Grant, an agricultural producer serving as the main applicant and Principal Investigator (PI) works with a Technical Advisor (TA) to develop a project (1-3 years in scope) that conducts both research and outreach on a sustainable agriculture topic. With the support and guidance of the technical advisor, farmers and ranchers integrate research and education to conduct on-site experiments to address social, environmental, and economic aspects of agricultural sustainability.


A person qualifies as a producer (farmer/rancher) if they have a for-profit operation and:

• Their primary occupation is farming or ranching and have a farm/ranch taxpayer identification number (TIN); and/or

• They are a part-time producer with at least $1,000 (or equivalent) of documented annual income from farming or ranching activities.

Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

October 25, 2023

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