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BIL Carbon Utilization Procurement Grants. Due 4/30/2024.

Opportunity Title:

Carbon Utilization Procurement Grants

Opportunity Number:



This FOA supports administration goals to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by demonstrating that several business-as-usual products can be replaced or supplemented with alternatives that are derived from the utilization of anthropogenic carbon oxides. These grants will show that more sustainable alternatives are viable and will support a market through grants to eligible entities to procure and use commercial or industrial carbon conversion products. Public procurement incentives for carbon conversion products can support a nascent market for building materials, fuels, chemicals, and other carbon conversion products that have verified lower life-cycle CO2 emissions than conventional products. Lifecycle emissions under the UPGrants Program are calculated on a cradle to gate basis, which begins with the utilization process (cradle) and truncates at the point of functional equivalence (gate) with an incumbent product.


A state, a unit of local government, or a public utility or agency

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:


Application Deadline:

Concept Papers are due 7/24/2023

Full Applications are due 4/30/2024

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