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CA: CDFW Natural Community Conservation Planning Local Assistance Grant Program - Due 07/23/24

Opportunity Title:

2024 Natural Community Conservation Planning Local Assistance Grant Program


California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)

Opportunity Number:



The California Department of Fish and Wildlife seeks proposals for highest priority projects associated with the implementation of an Natural Community Conservation Plan (NCCP). The intention of this Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) is to solicit proposals of the highest quality that are consistent with the goals of the NCCP Program. To help achieve this intention, the PSP provides guidance on Applicant eligibility, the grant process and deadlines, and application and submission procedures.

Proposals must address the highest priority tasks associated with the implementation of an NCCP such as:

  • Management Activities: Immediate management actions on newly acquired NCCP reserve lands.

  • Restoration/Enhancement: Restoration or enhancement of habitats or species populations on NCCP reserve lands.

  • Monitoring: Design and implementation of biological monitoring programs identified in an NCCP, including the establishment of sampling methods, monitoring plots, data collection, management, and analysis.

  • Reserve Management Plans: Development and implementation of individual reserve management plans.

  • Mapping: New or updated mapping in support of NCCP management or monitoring activities, such as vegetation community mapping.

  • Targeted Studies for Adaptive Management: Studies to evaluate management actions for covered habitats or species, and whether such actions are meeting stated goals or require adjustments through adaptive management.

  • Other: Other non-land acquisition priority tasks, identified by the applicant and implementing partners, which are needed to ensure effective implementation of the NCCP.



  • Nonprofit

  • Public Agency

  • Tribal Government


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



Applications Due July 23, 2024


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