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CA CEC: GFO-22-609 - Responsive, Easy Charging Products with Dynamic Signals (REDWDS)

Opportunity Title:

Clean Transportation Program - Responsive, Easy Charging Products with Dynamic Signals (REDWDS)

Opportunity Number:



This is a competitive grant solicitation. The California Energy Commission’s (CEC’s) Clean Transportation Program announces the availability of up to $9 million in grant funds to accelerate the development and deployment of easy-to-use charging products which help customers manage electric vehicle (EV) charging and respond to dynamic grid signals. Up to $300 million in additional grant funds may be available in the future to complete a second phase of work for agreements initially awarded funding under this solicitation.

This solicitation builds upon the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and International Standard for Organization (ISO) 15118 technical requirements included in CEC’s block grant projects[1], as well as recent revisions to the Load Management Standards.[2]

[1] CEC’s block grant projects – CALeVIP, Communities in Charge, and EnergIIZE – provide rebates for charger installation in California. Beginning July 2023, all chargers funded through CEC block grants must be OCPP compliant and certified, and ISO 15118 Ready. REDWDS will build upon these requirements by translating these capabilities into realized vehicle-grid integration features and customer participation. [2] The Load Management Standards update “will help customers take better advantage of utilities’ lower time-dependent rates so smart appliances … can automatically respond to more frequent rate changes that reflect electricity grid conditions. This will save consumers money by shifting usage to times of cheaper or abundant electricity.”


This solicitation is open to:

§ Electric vehicle service providers (EVSPs) and charging network companies

§ Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturers

§ Electric vehicle charging software and hardware providers

§ Automation service providers that manage or aggregate[1] charging

§ Vehicle manufacturers

The Applicant must be from one of the above categories. Key partners may be included on the project team, such as community-based organizations, local governments, cities, municipalities, transit agencies, contractors, and others. There are no limitations on the types of entities which may be included as key partners on the project team. Key partners may be particularly useful for supporting the customer deployment portion of the project.

[1] These are sometimes referred to as “aggregators.” Automation service providers and aggregators which do not currently manage charging, but plan to develop capabilities to do so through this solicitation, are eligible.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $309M (Up to $9M in Phase 1)

Maximum Award: $2.5M

Minimum Award: $350k

Submission Details:

Deadline for Written Questions - 3/29/23

Deadline to submit applications - 5/26/23

Anticipated Notice of Proposed Awards Posting - July 2023

Grant Management Associates has years of experience in helping applicants apply for opportunities like this one. Contact us today for a consultation.

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