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CA Office of Planning and Research, California Volunteers: Connecting Neighbors to Neighbors 1/20/23

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor program seeks to build on evidence-based practices to create strong networks in and across neighborhoods that support one another as well as jointly tackle shared community challenges. The Neighbor-to-Neighbor program is built on a framework that puts the neighborhood in the lead to drive activity and connections. The activity is built on the following values:

• Activities to get to know one another and build relationships is essential.

• Building on the assets and strengths in the neighborhoods.

• Curating projects for the neighborhood to tackle key local issues and learn to work with one another on common ground.

• Supporting neighborhood leaders and residents with trainings and information.

• Supporting connections across neighborhoods.

• Supporting connections with local officials.

• Hosting forums for discussion, planning and reflection.

Contracts will be awarded either in the amount of $100,000 to coordinate 4-7 projects or $200,000 to coordinate 8-15 projects. The term of this agreement will begin when the agreement has been executed by all parties and has been approved from the Department of General Services, if required, and continue through January 31, 2024.

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