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CA Plans to Apply for DOE Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs - 5/17/2022

Updated: Jun 14, 2022


The Department of Energy is anticipating to release the draft FOA for the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs in the beginning of June. The final FOA will be released late summer. This opportunity is to support the development of at least four regional clean hydrogen hubs in order to improve clean hydrogen production, processing, delivery, storage, and end use.

The State of California is organizing a state-endorsed application, with a focus on green hydrogen. They are exploring who the lead applicant will be. The options they are exploring include a formal private/public partnership entity, an information collaborative, Go-Biz (California's Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development), or others. The lead applicant will depend on the DOE's requirements.

Go-Biz will be coordinating working groups to support the development of their proposal. They will be firming up the leads for each workgroup this week. They plan to have Regional Workgroups and Sector/Technology Workgroups. The Regional Workgroups would include Northern California (Bay Area and beyond), Southern California (LA County and beyond), and a Central California workgroup. The Sector/Technology Workgroups will include transportation (heavy-duty centered), Ports & Goods Movement, Industrial, Electricity, Hydrogen and Supply, and Emerging Markets.

The State of California's proposal will include a match upwards of $2 billion just in public funding, with a goal of matching their DOE ask is. The State believes having other California applications will be counterproductive and will not be competitive compared to the one endorsed by California.

Go-Biz is eager to hear input from industry partners regarding how funding should be distributed if they win the grant.

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Jun 13, 2022

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