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CEC California Electric Homes Program. Due 8/1/22. $16.8M Available.

Opportunity Title:

California Electric Homes Program (CalHEP)

Opportunity Number:



The California Electric Homes Program (CalEHP) is seeking a third-party administrator (Recipient) to design and implement an incentive program. The Recipient will also provide technical assistance to potential and current CalEHP applicants. The third-party administrator applicant to this solicitation (Applicant) selected to be the Recipient of the grant funds will initially distribute up to $58,125,000 in incentives for all-electric buildings and energy storage systems in new residential market-rate construction throughout California. These incentives will be paid to incentive program applicants.


This solicitation is open to all public and private entities. Applicants must have qualifications relevant to designing and implementing an incentives program for all-electric and/or energy storage equipped market-rate new construction projects as outlined in the program requirements below. Applicants must also be able to provide technical assistance on all-electric building design and residential storage to builders and other potential program applicants.

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

August 1, 2022

Webinar Information:

There will be one Pre-Application Workshop; participation in this meeting is optional but encouraged. The Pre-Application Workshop will be held remotely through Zoom, which is the Energy Commission’s online meeting service, at the date and time listed below. Please call (916) 654-4381 or refer to CEC’s website at to confirm the date and time.

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