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Charter School Facility Grant Program – (SB740)


The SB740 Program is intended to provide grants to charter schools to assist with facilities' rent and lease costs associated with the school.


The Charter School Facility Grant Program provides annual grants to offset annual on-going facility costs for charter schools that service a high-percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals or located in a public elementary school boundary serving a similar demographic. This program, previously administered by the California Department of Education, was transferred to the California School Finance Authority (CSFA) in 2013-14. Availability of funding is announced on the CSFA website each year.

A Second Application period will be opened September 10th for First Year Charter Schools beginning operation during the funding round or schools moving from an ineligible facility to an eligible facility. The Second Application period will close October 15th as stated on the Authority's website. The Authority will send a confirmation email upon submission of the application.

Eligibility Requirements

The following criteria is used to determine an applicant's eligibility:

• Fifty-five percent (55%) or more of the student enrollment at the charter school site is eligible for FRPM; or

• The charter schoolsite for which grant funds are requested is physically located in the attendance area of a public elementary school in which fifty-five percent (55%) or more of the pupil enrollment is eligible for FRPM. The charter school gives preference in admissions to pupils currently enrolled in that school and to pupils who reside in the elementary school attendance area where the charter school is located as determined by the local school district.

The grant awards are funded in three apportionments: • Initial Apportionment is 50% of lease/rent facilities cost (October 31) • Second Apportionment is 25% of lease/rent (March 1) • Final True-Up Apportionment is 25% of Other Costs and lease/rent (August 31 or 30 days after receiving all documents)

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