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Coming Soon - CEC Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development Program. $80M Available.

Opportunity Title:

Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development Program


BUILD is designed to support market transformation toward building decarbonization and reduce the up-front costs and perceived risk of adopting new technologies, in the challenging and complex affordable and low-income housing sector. BUILD offers technical assistance to support project planning and educate developers, architects, contractors and other stakeholders about new technologies and all-electric building design. A new adopter design award will provide an eligible applicant constructing their first all-electric, low-income multifamily building with up to $100,000 design award to defray direct design costs – with the goal of affecting a developer’s early decision-making in the housing development process.


A private, nonprofit, tribal government, California tribal organization, or public owner or developer of an eligible residential building, that meets the Program Guidelines requirements.

Total Amount Available:


Webinar Information:

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Opinion Dynamics, the third-party evaluator of the Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development (BUILD) and Technology and Equipment for Clean Heating Initiative (TECH) Programs, invite you to attend an upcoming webinar to learn about the BUILD Program and the BUILD Baseline Market Assessment report.

The BUILD Program, administered by the California Energy Commission (CEC), offers technical assistance and incentives to building owners and developers to encourage the construction and major retrofit of new low-income, all-electric housing. BUILD staff will provide a brief overview of the incentives and services available to applicants and an update on the current status of the BUILD Program.

The forthcoming BUILD Baseline Market Assessment report, conducted by Opinion Dynamics, surveyed developers, architects, engineers, and other market actors active in the California new construction sector to assess existing market conditions relevant to the BUILD Program. This portion of the presentation provides an overview of market size, summarizes market perceptions of all-electric design and electrification equipment, and characterizes the key cost, technical assistance, and training considerations related to the future of low-emission residential new construction in California.

February 2, 2023 1 PM - 2 PM PT

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