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DOE Announces $7B for BIL-Funded Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs)

The Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs) will kickstart a national network of clean hydrogen producers, consumers, and connective infrastructure while supporting the production, storage, delivery, and end-use of clean hydrogen. Funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), the H2Hubs will accelerate the commercial-scale deployment of clean hydrogen helping to generate clean, dispatchable power, create a new form of energy storage, and decarbonize heavy industry and transportation. Together, they will also reduce 25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from end-uses each year—an amount roughly equivalent to combined annual emissions of 5.5 million gasoline-powered cars—and create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs across the country while supporting healthier communities.

Key areas DOE evaluated when selecting H2Hubs included:

  • Technical Merit and Impact, including but not limited to the ability of the proposed hub to deploy infrastructure and produce at least 50-100 metric tons of clean hydrogen per day and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Financial and Market Viability, including growth potential and market competitiveness of the proposed hub.

  • Workplan, including the speed at which the hub could begin operations and overall project management details.

  • Management Team and Project Partners, including the team’s ability to execute the plan with a high level of success.

  • Community Benefits Plan, including an assessment of community and labor engagement, quality job creation and workforce development, diversity equity inclusion and accessibility, and the Justice40 Initiative.

DOE’s historic $7 billion of Federal investment in clean hydrogen will be met with the H2Hubs selectees’ cost share of more than $40 billion. Together with tax incentives in the President’s historic Inflation Reduction Act and ongoing research and development efforts across the Federal government, this announcement will help drive private sector investment in clean hydrogen, setting the nation on a course to hit critical long-term decarbonization objectives.

The Seven Selected Project Regions Are:

  • Appalachian Hydrogen Hub (Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub (ARCH2); West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania) | Amount: up to $925 million

  • California Hydrogen Hub (Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems (ARCHES); California) | Amount: up to $1.2 billion

  • Gulf Coast Hydrogen Hub (HyVelocity H2Hub; Texas) Amount: up to $1.2 billion

  • Heartland Hydrogen Hub (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota) | Amount: up to $925 million

  • Mid-Atlantic Hydrogen Hub (Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub (MACH2); Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey) | Amount: up to $750 million

  • Midwest Hydrogen Hub (Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen (MachH2); Illinois, Indiana, Michigan) | Amount: up to $1 billion

  • Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub (PNW H2; Washington, Oregon, Montana) | Amount: up to $1 billion

Learn more about the selected Regional H2Hubs here, and be on the lookout for upcoming Hydrogen project funding opportunities.

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