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DOE Battery Materials Processing and Battery Manufacturing - $3.5B Available Concept Papers due 1/9

Opportunity Title:

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Battery Materials Processing and Battery Manufacturing


Department of Energy

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Opportunity Number:



The activities to be funded under this FOA support BIL Sections 40207 (b) & (c), as well as the

broader government-wide approach to upgrading and modernizing infrastructure, including by

strengthening critical domestic manufacturing and supply chains to maximize the benefits of

the clean energy transition as the nation works to curb the climate crisis and advance

environmental justice. These BIL Sections are focused on:

• Expanding the capabilities of the United States in advanced battery manufacturing;

• Enhancing national security by reducing the reliance of the United States on foreign

competitors for critical materials and technologies;

• Ensuring that the United States has a viable battery materials processing industry with

sufficient capacity to supply the North American battery supply chain;

• Ensuring that the United States has a viable domestic manufacturing and recycling

capability to support and sustain a North American battery supply chain;

• Ensure investments in high-quality jobs support America’s competitive advantage

• Providing good quality jobs for people in low- or moderate-income communities, rural

communities, and/or in communities and for workers that have lost jobs or are at risk of

job loss due to the displacement of fossil energy, including automotive workers and


• Prioritizing partnerships with Tribes, universities, and laboratories; and

• Increasing capacity, enhancing national security and shoring up the viability of the

national battery supply chain with attention to the creation and retention of good

quality jobs in the sector, including the provision of competitive wages and vital

benefits, inclusive workforce recruitment and retention activities, work environments

where workers’ rights to choose to join or form a union is protected, and other factors

that contribute to the development of jobs that are sought-after and have low

workforce turnover.

Topic Areas:

1. Commercial-scale Lithium Separation from Domestic Sources

1a. Domestic Brine Sources

1b. Domestic Hard Rock and Clay Source

2. Commercial-scale Domestic Recovery of Battery Critical Minerals (non-Lithium)

2.a From Traditional Sources

2.b From Alternative Sources

3. Commercial-Scale Domestic Processing of Battery Material Precursors

4. Commercial-Scale of Domestic Manufacturing of Cathodes and Anodes

4.a Cathodes

4.b Anodes

5 Commercial-scale Domestic Production of Electrolyte Salts and Electrolyte Solvents

5.a Salts

5.b Solvents

6. Commercial-scale Domestic Production of Cell Manufacturing for Small and Specialized Markets

7. Commercial-scale Domestic Production of Non-Lithium Based Battery Cell and Systems

8. Commercial-scale Domestic Manufacturing of Other Battery Cell and System Components (Open Topic)



Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $3.5B

Maximum Award: $300M


First Round Concept Papers Due: 1/9/24

First Round Full Applications Due : 3/19/24

*This opportunity may be open for up to 48 months with separate review cycles until funding is expended. All funding may expended in the first round*

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