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DOE Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute for Industrial Decarbonization. Due 8/9/22. $70M

Opportunity Title:

Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute for Industrial Decarbonization through Electrification of Process Heating

Opportunity Number:



The purpose of this FOA is to create a new Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute that will accelerate decarbonization of the industrial sector by developing and scaling electrified industrial heating processes. A consortium made up of industry, academia, non-governmental organizations, national labs, and other stakeholders is sought to: develop electrified process heating solutions for industry; create modeling and optimization tools to facilitate integration of electrified processes into manufacturing plants; develop technology evaluation tools and methodologies; and educate and develop the manufacturing workforce needed to implement this technology.


1. Institutions of higher education;

2. For-profit entities;

3. Non-profit entities, including those registered as 501(c)(5); and

4. State and local governments, and Tribal Nations.

To qualify as a domestic entity, the entity must be organized, chartered or incorporated (or otherwise formed) under the laws of a particular State or territory of the United States; have majority domestic ownership and control; and have a physical place of business in the United States.

DOE/NNSA and non-DOE/NNSA National Laboratories and FFRDCs are eligible to participate as a subrecipient, but are not eligible to apply as a prime recipient.

Federal agencies and instrumentalities (other than DOE) are eligible to partipicate as a subrecipient, but are not eligible to apply as a prime recipient.

Nonprofit organizations described in section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 that engaged in lobbying activities after December 31, 1995, are not eligible for funding under this FOA.

Entities banned from doing business with the U.S. government such as entities debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participating in Federal programs are not eligible.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

Concept Papers Due August 9, 2022

Full Application Due October 25, 2022

Applicants must submit a Concept Paper by 5:00 PM ET on the due date listed above to be eligible to submit a Full Application.

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