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DOE Strengthening National Defense through Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) Program - LOI Due 04/11; Full Application Due 06/20

Opportunity Title:

Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) Program



Department of Energy (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)


Opportunity Number:




The Department of Energy’s (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) Office of Defense Programs, directs research and development activities to maintain the safety, security, and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. This nuclear deterrent remains a vital part of our national security infrastructure. It maintains strategic stability, deters potential adversaries, and reassures our allies and partners of our security commitments.

The SSAA Program provides the research experience necessary to maintain a cadre of trained scientists and engineers at U.S. universities to meet the nation’s current and future SSP needs, with a focus on those areas not supported by other federal agencies. It supports the DOE/NNSA’s priorities both to address the workforce specific needs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and to support the next generation of professionals who will meet those needs.

The Office of Defense Programs announce their interest in receiving applications for new or renewal financial assistance awards for research grants in the SSAA Program. Researchers seeking renewals of their current SSAA grant should apply to this NOFO.

The objectives of the SSAA Program are to:

  • Support the U.S. scientific and engineering community by funding basic research activities at universities that are of relevance to stockpile stewardship goals.

  • Provide opportunities for intellectual challenge and collaboration by promoting scientific interactions between the academic community and scientists at the DOE/NNSA National Laboratories; and

  • Develop and maintain a long-term recruiting pathway supporting the DOE/NNSA laboratories by training and educating the next generation of scientists in fundamental research of relevance to stockpile stewardship goals, increasing the visibility of the DOE/NNSA scientific activities to the U.S. academic communities.



  • Public and State controlled institutions of higher education

  • Private institutions of higher education


Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $21,000,000


Maximum Award: $300,000


Minimum Award:




Mandatory LOI Submission Due April 11, 2024

Applications Due June 20, 2024



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