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DOT: FY23 Small Shipyard Grants Deadline 2/27/23 - $20.8M Available

Opportunity Title: FY 2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity for Small Shipyard Grants

Opportunity Number: DTMASSG23


This notice announces the intention of the Maritime Administration to provide grants to small shipyards. Under the Small Shipyard Grant Program, there is currently $20,800,000 available for grants for capital and related improvements to qualified shipyard facilities that will be effective in fostering efficiency, competitive operations, and quality ship construction, repair, and reconfiguration. Potential applicants are advised that it is expected, based on experience, that the number of applications will far exceed the funds available and that only a small percentage of applicants will be funded.


Eligible shipyards; See solicitation for more details

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $20.8M

Maximum Award: $1M

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 2/27/23

Opportunity Link

Grant Management Associates has years of experience in helping applicants apply for opportunities like this one. Contact us today for a consultation.

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